loss of motivation

I seriously can't believe how fast time flies nowadays. Has it really been 4 months since I wrote my last post. That's pretty crazy. There's so many times where I really wanted to write a post but felt like there was nothing worth writing about and definitely nothing that was interesting enough for people to read. But yenno what, I'm writing this post for myself cos it makes me  feel better. Haha my theory is that since I'm studying math at uni, I rarely get the chance to write sentences so it feels like a nice breath of fresh air . Is it weird that I actually enjoyed studying for and writing the business exam... need a break from all those numbers and calculations.

So if youre asking what this post is about, I can't really tell you because I don't even know myself. I should be studying right now since I'm so behind in school but whatever I could care less right now. Last week I had a pretty big breakdown due to all the stress that was built up. It doesn't help how I have really no one to go to. I mean, ever since grade 9, I always had one or a few friends that I could always depend on. Although its probably hard to believe and I try not to admit it, I'm the type of person that rely on friends alot since my relationship with my family was never that close (language barrier hahah fail) and I was never really interested in depending on a guy. The problem is that its really hard for me to show my emotions and be affectionate so I never experienced having a best friend or anything close but there were still a couple of people who I would chill with and talk to everyday. For the first time, I don't have that anymore and it feels so strange, not used to it at all.  This post seems like its turning in a rant doesn't it.

Recently I gotten pretty close to some old friends from high school who definitely help me feel a little less alone and depressed but its not the same as having someone physically there. Like whatever happened to those people who you can just call and up do something fun last minute. It seem impossible to find someone like that. This lack of physically human contact is confusing me to think that I'm becoming desperate for companionship. but honestly, its about time. I feel like I've opened myself up just waiting for someone special to walk into my life. omg im beginning to sound a like cheese ball. this is not good ...

I just find it so hard to find motivation to do anything. I hate going out, I constantly have to force myself to socialize. Im not sure if its the people I surround myself with or just the way I am but I don't really have fun when I'm out. Partying has completely lost its appeal, like why would you want to cause yourself to feel shitty   and useless for a whole day just to have fun a couple of hours. I have no motivation to get good marks in school, like whats the point? Im already doing so horrible, at this point I just want to pass. I have no motivation to go to the gym cos I just end up burying my sorrows in food anyways.

The only thing getting me through the days (wow I sound emo ...) is that fact that in two months, I'll be out of here for 8 months and working full time. I  desperately need this change in my life.