how can I be myself when I dont know who I am.

Before I get started, I wanted to say that this post was inspired by a ridiculously deep video from Jenna Marbles. The content in that video is amazing and real. Basically, she talks about being yourself and that only you can be the best you. This is true and I totally agree with everything she says in the video but one thing I was thinking the entire time was : Who am I really? 

Today, I made the mistake of looking through old facebook posts and pictures. The sad thing, I have the most horrible memory out of everyone I know sso this trip down memory lane was like a big reality slap in the face. It made me realize how much I dont understand myself even after all these years. Looking at the posts, it feels like I was a completely different person, one that I am not familiar with. It left me confused about when and what caused me to become so unemotional and so cold all the time. When did I stop being comfortable with myself and care so much about what other people think. I notice how happy I was as bad as this sounds, I feel like I havent been genuinely happy in a very long time. Jenna Marbles says that we become our own person as time go by. If this is true, then I am definitely not satisfied with the person I am becoming.

I am a believer of we can be who we want to be. As long as it feels natural and you feel good being that person, it's not fake. It's just time for me to find out what makes me feel like I am being myself.