change: good or bad?

Change: The act or instance of making or becoming different.

For me, change is good and bad but I am always accepting of change. I think if you welcome change with open arms, you will see the best out of it. On the contrary, how can you enjoy the difference that the change made if you refuse to accept it. Now, change can refer to many aspects of life including change in surrounding, change in physical appearance, personality, friend groups. somethings we don't want to change and some we can't wait to change.

Throughout the school years, I definitely feel like I went through so many changes that molded me to be the person I am today. I can't really decide if I'm happy with how everything turned out but I feel like I have matured so much in the past 2 years and learned so much through those experiences. Things that used to matter so much, don't anymore. Its

The problem right now, I feel like my life has hit a plateau defined by constant routine. School, eat, study, sleep and repeat. For once, I'm desiring change, it doesn't come. It's just one of those things that happen to you when you least expect it.

For now, I am embracing this hate love relationship with change. at least it gives me something to be excited about. The next time I write, hopefully I'd have some more exciting news to share.